Cylinder “Swap” Program


Having the needed recovery cylinders when you need them is always an issue.  There never seem to be enough cylinders to go around.   A properly utilized “cylinder swap” program can be the answer to this problem.

The cylinder swap program at Certified Refrigerant is set up to exchange empty recovery cylinders for full cylinders on a weekly basis, if that is what you need.

Step 1) To get started in the program, your company would need a quantity of good recovery cylinders, an estimated two to three per service technician. 

Step 2) Two days before your “route day” our route coordinator will call or email (your choice) your designated contact and ask, “what cylinders to you have to swap this week?   Your reply might be, we need to swap 5-50lb cylinders and 4-30lb cylinders. 

Step 3) On your route day, we will come to your shop and swap cylinder for cylinder, empty for full.

In a swap program we always swap cylinder for cylinder to make it easy to keep track of the cylinders.

Our driver will leave you a document that shows the serial numbers of the cylinders we picked up.

 Step 4) Back at our facility, every cylinder that we took from your shop will be tested, and a “receiving” report will be generated, listing the serial number, weight, refrigerant type and purity.   This report will also document the value of the refrigerants if you choose to sell them to us in our Buy Back program.

When your receiving report is complete our office will create an EPA refrigerant disposal report for your records and send it to you.   Keep these reports !!!    One day when the EPA comes to your business and asks “ what are you doing with your recovered refrigerant?”   You can show them the copies of your reports.   We have had customers tell us that the reports were a “Godsent”

 You will need to declare your decision on what to do with the refrigerants returned by your company.

The choices are:

  • Refrigerant buy back for all refrigerants returned
  • Process and return all good R-22 and buy-back of all other refrigerants.

Refrigerants are a commodity, their value is constantly changing.  We can send you a current price list for the used refrigerants.   Different refrigerants can have a positive value, a zero value or a negative value.

After each delivery from your shop will generate:

  • Receiving report
  • EPA refrigerant Disposal report
  • Refrigerant credit chart for buyback

The “refrigerant credit chart” is where the values of each refrigerant from the shipment is entered and a conclusion is made as to how much money is owed.

Please use caution to keep all refrigerants separated.   When refrigerants are cross-contaminated (mixed one refrigerant with another) their value goes away.   Badly crossed contaminated refrigerants are destined to be incinerated, and that is an expensive task.


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